Acoustics monitoring prevents downtime at ore milling equipment

By carrying out regular condition monitoring checks on critical rotating plant and machinery, CNES has helped the Shapfell limestone ore milling equipment in Cumbria maintain its output, efficiency and profitability
The CNES condition monitoring team has been working closely with Cumbria-based Shapfell Lime ore milling equipment for more than 12 years now, providing regular (monthly) patrol monitoring at the site, using a range of condition monitoring equipment and techniques, including handheld acoustic monitoring devices and vibration monitoring systems.
On a recent patrol monitoring visit, an engineer from CNES discovered unusually high readings on the primary crusher at the site, which raised concerns.
Through further investigation using acoustic and vibration analysis systems, the CNES engineer discovered that the unusual noise levels and irregular readings were related to a fault on one of the main bearings of the primary crusher, which had been running for more than 30 years.
Significant wear and damage were found on the inner raceway of the bearing.
By analysing the results, CNES was able to advise the Shapfell maintenance team when it should plan to replace the bearing.
Shapfell maintenance engineers were mobilised and the bearing replacement took place at a scheduled plant shutdown period, without causing any major disruption to the crushing process.
Ian Taylor, Business Development Engineer for Plant Condition Monitoring at CNES, comments: By using our extensive knowledge and experience of condition monitoring tools and techniques, our engineers were able to detect the fault on the bearing before it failed.

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