Necessity of quality control of machine sand production line

The construction scale of Henan expressway and local highway ranks first in the country, and the development speed is very fast. The annual mileage of traffic ranks first in the country, which is equivalent to the total of twenty years of provinces with medium mileage of highways. The current mileage of traffic ranks first in the country, which is proud. However, as the provincial capital, Zhengzhou seems to stay at the rhythm of road construction In the end, cultural road repairs and agricultural road repairs were endless, causing people to worry about travel. The reason is that the quality of road materials is poor (mainly raw materials), and there are no effective quality control measures and quality control is not in place. The machine-made sand production line is a sand making equipment that provides raw materials for road construction. To strengthen the control of road construction materials and build a good road, it is necessary to control the quality of the machine-made sand production line.

1. Starting from all aspects of the production line to improve the quality of sand and gravel

Highways in our province are gradually using machine-made sand instead of natural sand. The use of machine-made sand is increasing, but the quality of machine-made sand still has problems such as poor quality. Sandstone for highway construction is mainly divided into gravel for concrete and gravel for pavement. The quality and impurities of sandstone directly affect the overall quality of the road. The scale and equipment of the sandstone processing plant determine whether the gradation of sandstone meets the technical standards . Therefore, quality control of the machine-made sand production line is the key to providing high-quality sand and gravel. It is necessary to improve the quality of sand and gravel from all aspects of the production line. It puts forward requirements for the sieve, crusher, dust removal equipment, sand making machine and other aspects of the production line to ensure that the quality of the coarse and fine aggregates produced meets the technical specifications.

2. Ensure the leading phoenix tail, improve the quality from the source of the material and final washing

1. Material quality control

The quality of the gravel aggregate must start from the source wool, and the wool quality should be checked when the wool is loaded to prevent the impurities such as weathered stone and mud from entering the sand-making material, and the wool that cannot remove the impurities is treated as waste. In addition, in the selection of materials, the mud content of the aggregate should be strictly controlled. Excessive aggregate mud content will cause the strength of the gravel to be reduced and the appearance color of the shaped gravel will be distorted, and will eventually cause cracks in the road. The particle size of the gravel slag is not more than 20cm, it should have a certain gradation, and the soil content is not more than 10%. When it is treated with gravel, it should meet the construction requirements of the gravel cushion.

2. Application of product quality control sand washing machine

The finished sand formed by the sand making machine will have a certain amount of stone powder and mud powder in the artificial sand due to the intense collision and the certain soil content of the stone material during the processing of the stone material. The presence of mud powder will seriously affect the gradation of sand. The application of sand washing machine makes sand and stone powder perfectly separated. During the cleaning process, useful sand and stone are washed out in large quantities, not only clean and free of impurities, even the shape is not deformed , Fully comply with the national sand standard, improve the quality of sand and gravel.

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