Material selection and application of ultrafine mill

Mineral powder ultrafine mill is suitable for grinding various ores and other materials. It is widely used in mineral processing, building materials and chemical industries. It can be divided into dry and wet grinding methods. According to the different discharge methods, it can be divided into grid type and overflow type.

In different industries, the working conditions are different, and the requirements for wear-resistant materials are also very different. The main function of the ore powder ultrafine micro-grinding lining board is to protect the mill, and the convex peak of the lining board is used to take up the grinding balls to grind and crush the materials. Therefore, the main failure mode of the lining plate is abrasive wear under multiple impacts of small energy.

The ore body and material of the ultrafine and finely ground mineral powder are in motion. The large-diameter grinding bodies and the main distribution are in the outer ring. When the waterfall falls, most of them hit the bottom of the material bed, and only a small part hit the liner. Due to the cushioning effect of the material and the collision between the material and the grinding body during the work, the movement track of the grinding body is disturbed, the impact point is deviated, and the drop height is reduced, so the impact of the grinding body on the lining plate is greatly slowed down and the impact is increased. Times, the impact frequency is increased.

The impact of the abrasive body on the lining board is determined by a large number of analyses. Most of the abrasive bodies in the grinding chamber hit the lining board after being folded after the impact, so the impact of the lining board is far less than that caused by the vertical falling object. Impact energy.When the grinding ball is brought down to a certain height by the rotating ultrafine powder grinding liner of mineral powder, only the grinding bodies do not contact during operation, and the direction of operation between them will not change greatly, but a small amount of friction will reduce the The impact of the lining board, in most cases, will not form a direct impact on the lining board.

The main force of the grinding body impacting the ore powder ultrafine powder grinding lining board to cause the lining board to break is the tangential vertical component of the contact point between the surface of the lining board and the grinding body. The size of this principle is influenced by many factors such as the shape of the lining plate, the movement state of the grinding body, the speed and the direction, etc., which greatly weakens the strength of the direct action and improves the impact of the lining plate.

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