Romantic Things to Do in the Caribbean

There are plenty of loving things you can do on the Carribbean – from world-class beaches and breathtaking waterfalls to a myriad of activities, the region is brimming with romance. If you’re looking for a warm escape together with your significant other or are planning an enticing honeymoon, discover something for everybody in this wistful destination.

Romantic Things to Do in Antigua

History-loving couples will probably be drawn to ancient Antigua, where they can learn about the island’s impérialiste past on tours of Fort James and the Museum of Cayman islands land and Barbuda. Those who like to shop will enjoy a stroll around Historical Quay, layered with designer boutiques and tucked inside multi-colored colonial time buildings.

Romantic Things you can do in Curacao

The Dutch-influenced Caribbean island of Curacao is known for its radiant blue seas, lively seashores and high quality restaurants. This more dry tropical isle is also famous for its well-preserved capital, Willemstad, which has a UNESCO World Customs site status.

Passionate Things to Do in Barbados

The Caribbean’s largest area, Barbados, is definitely an stunning location for romantic escapes. Stroll along gold sand beach locations and soak up the sun, or plan a great in-depth grand adventure on a motorboat charter that takes you to secluded beaches, reefs, caves, and more.

Passionate Things to Do in Jamaica

The Western Carribbean is home to a number of islands that are great for couples. Have your partner to Glistening Waters’ Lustrous Lagoon for a night jaunt, where you can watch the ocean carpet glow brightly in the darkness as minute organisms illuminate the water.

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