SMS voor de sportwereld

SMS for sports clubs and gyms

As a gym or sports club, you will be familiar with similar situations; the training has been cancelled due to circumstances and you need to inform the right people as quickly as possible before they make their way to the gym! SMS offers the perfect solution for this problem and also offers other applications to make sports more enjoyable. In this way, SMS saves time and contributes to a sporty society.

Gyms and sports clubs
SMS is widely used as a means of communication by many gyms and sports clubs. SMS helps in many ways; from informing members about cancelled training sessions, to sending out an overview of all the possible classes they can sign up for. SMS contributes to a sporty society where people enjoy going to the gym.

As a gym you obviously don’t want to send everyone a separate SMS when a training session is cancelled. This is time consuming and some members are likely to have already arrived by the time the SMS has been delivered. By using an SMS supplier, all you have to do is set up the SMS and enter the correct numbers of the recipients. This application ensures that the members can be reached quickly and effectively and their time isn’t wasted.

Marketing purposes
SMS voor de sportwereldSMS can also be used for marketing campaigns and promotional purposes. Gyms and sports clubs can send promotions and discounts by SMS, to both their existing customers and potential customers. Furthermore, they can approach their customers to extend their subscription. Another possibility is doing so by e-mail, but e-mails are often left unopened as customers receive numerous e-mails per day or end up in their spam. SMS, on the other hand, has an open rate of 98%. On top of that 90% of the SMS messages are read within 3 minutes.

Sign up for training sessions by SMS
The possibilities with SMS are infinite. Gyms nowadays often use SMS to notify customers about the availability of fitness classes. The gym sends an SMS to its customers, for example: “SMS YES to register for the boxing training next Wednesday”. The Gym then receives an SMS from customers who wish to register via a Virtual Mobile Number and to confirm the enrolment; a confirmation can follow by SMS. This application ensures that people can easily register, making sports approachable and enjoyable. Another possibility is to send a reminder the day prior to the training session, which helps prevent no-shows.

Authentication by SMS
SMS can also be used for authentication. As a gym or sports club you want a good online profile, with a suitable website where your customers can read the latest news update, stay up to date on results or sign up for specific training sessions. To ensure that an account registration and login is done securely, an SMS is sent to your customers when they want to register or log in. The SMS message includes a code that provides access to the secure online environment of the gym and confirms whether the user is actually who he or she claims to be. This improves the security of business networks.

As you can see, SMS can be used in many different ways and is of great value for your gym or sports club. Could your company also benefit from sending SMS? Or would you like more information about this service? Don’t wait any longer and contact Spryng today via +31 (0) 20 770 3005 or In addition to specialising in SMS services, our professional team is happy to assist you 24/7.

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