Precautions for long-term storage of pulverized coal raymond mill

The pulverized coal raymond pulverizer needs to be stored when it is not in use, but during the storage process, it is necessary to ensure that the equipment is not affected by the environment and that it is safe and sound, so that it can better adapt to the future In the production process, we must ensure that it is not affected by the environment and do some necessary work. Let us introduce the main tasks.

The first is the storage place, which is where the raymond mill is placed. Generally, in order to avoid direct sunlight and rain, it is generally placed in a dry room, and the ground is flat and covered with wooden boards. This can further reduce the environmental impact;

The second is the maintenance during storage. This mainly refers to the inspection of the parts of the ultra-fine mill and the waterproof paint on the surface at regular intervals. If there is a problem, it should be repaired in a timely manner and then run regularly. See if anything goes wrong;

Once again, the storage of the engine. The engine’s role in the operation of the pulverized coal raymond mill is to provide driving force, so the work to be done during storage is to drain the water from the machine before storage, and then The engine oil is replaced and it is launched once a month to prevent rusting;

The storage of the battery is generally followed by removing it for storage. When disassembling, pay attention to the problem of cutting the negative wire first, and then cut the positive wire. When installing, connect the positive electrode before connecting the negative electrode;

Summary: This article mainly introduces some operations that need to be performed when pulverized coal raymond mill equipment is stored, mainly in four aspects, one is the storage location, the other is the maintenance during storage, and then the engine and battery These aspects are to avoid the impact of the environment on the raymond mill during storage and prevent rust and other failures.

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