The superfine pulverizer’s spreading pan is used to receive the material falling from above and disperse the material to the periphery by its own rotation. The spreading pan is very important for the uniform looseness of the spreading material, which affects the efficiency of powder selection of the mill. What is the reason for the failure of the superfine mill’s spray pan in use?

In the use of the ultrafine mill, we have concluded that the main reasons for the failure of the spreader tray are as follows:

1. The uneven feeding causes the feed tray to fail. If the upper part of the feed inlet is not uniformly fed, it will affect the position and thickness of the material falling on the spreading pan, and even cause the rotor of the spreading disc to shift. It cannot be evenly spread around, causing the lack of the material curtain in some places. , Affecting efficiency and product quality.

2. The rotor speed of the mill is not suitable. Because the spreading disc is coaxial with the analyzer rotor, the speed of the ultrafine mill analyzer will affect the spreading disc to some extent, but in general, the speed adjustment of the powder selecting machine is based on the user’s product details. Requirements and actual operating conditions, will not consider the actual spreading situation of the spreading pan. When the rotation speed of the rotor is too small, it will cause the material disc to not fully disperse the material, or single-sided material concentration; when the rotor speed is too large, the powder will be over-spattered, which will cause the powder to impact the cylinder wall and form a dense material group. And large gaps are also not conducive to uniform spreading.

The above is a summary of the reasons for the failure of the superfine mill’s spraying tray, summarized in the experience of Shibang machine technicians. I hope it can be helpful to everyone.

In addition, I also want to remind everyone that the role of the disc of the superfine mill is not only for spreading, but also for pre-grading. The spreading pan can spread the coarse powder under the effect of its own gravity during the spreading process. This is because the air flow is not enough to promote the larger size and gravity of the material, so it can achieve the pre-classification of the material. In addition, because the spreading disc is a rotary motion, under the action of centrifugal force, the centrifugal force of the coarse material is also large, resulting in a large centrifugal speed, so when the spreading disc reaches a certain rotational speed, the coarse powder hits the surrounding shell Physically, this can also achieve the purpose of pre-grading.

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