Sand maker should be properly maintained

Whichever model and specification of sand making machine, it will be adjusted to make sure that everything is normal when putting into use. This is not only related to the production efficiency and equipment wear problem but also to the security issues in the entire production process. Many people don’t attach importance to the test and adjustment before using, which is irresponsible for both themselves and workers on the operation of the entire production line. So please regularly maintain the equipment, only by constantly maintaining can the equipment have a greater potential.

With the development of economy, our country’s sand maker becomes very popular due to the greater demand from home and abroad. After the upgrading of sand making technology, the scope of sand maker is more and more widen. Except being used in ore-dressing industry, it is also widely used in the cement industry and plays a significant role. With the growth of national economy and the social progress, new demands and expectations for sand maker equipment rise. As customers need different kinds of equipment, we should manufacture the equipment according to their special requirements.

In proportion to these characteristics, our company develops and researches new type sand maker, such as high efficiency vertical shaft impact crusher (sand maker). The high efficiency vertical impact crusher is stone crushing equipment with domestic and international advanced technologies. The machine is researched on the basis of Germany advanced technology and conforms to the actual demand of china sand-making industry. It can supply high quality sand aggregate for high building, expressway (railway) construction, municipal engineering, large scale irrigation establishment, concrete batching plant and many other areas. Good maintenance of the equipment is essential to ensure the normal operation of the sand maker. There are several tips to properly maintain the equipment:

Firstly, during the regular downtime, we need to open the sand making machine’s observed door to inspect the sand maker internal wear such as barrel, cone hat, impeller, the lining of the downstream road, circumferential shield, etc. It is strictly prohibited to open the observed door during the operation of the sand maker in order to avoid danger. Another special attention is that the homemade impeller is strictly prohibited.

Secondly, the transmission of sand triangle belt tensioning size should be adjusted appropriately to ensure that the triangular tape force uniform, two-motor drive, both sides of the triangle tape packet matching and so on.

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