Factors that cause changes in ultrafine grinding current

The change of the main machine current may be due to some irregular behavior during operation, which will cause faults in production. Therefore, we must prevent the factors that may cause the main machine current to change in time. Introduced is the question of whether the nature of the material will cause a change in the current of the main machine for the ultrafine mill.

We know that when each type of mill is working, the required feeding properties are very strict. Only when the feeding requirements are met can it be possible to complete the grinding process better. Such equipment as ultra-fine mill There are many different types in themselves. When they are in production, the required input properties are also very strict. It can be said that the unreasonable input is a major factor that causes the current of the host to change.

When the ultrafine mill is working, the requirements for the material properties are mainly hardness, size, humidity, and viscosity. Any unreasonable of these aspects will cause an increase in processing readability during production. The speed is also an important factor affecting the host current. Let’s analyze these aspects in detail:

The point is the impact of the faster feed speed on the ultrafine mill, which will mainly make the mill in an overloaded operating state, and increase the power consumption, which will cause the current of the host to increase. At this time, the temperature of the body Will also increase, it is easy to cause the blockage of materials in production;

The second point is the effect of the material properties on the current of the ultrafine mill. There are two main aspects. First, if the material temperature is too high, the mill current will rise and the temperature will increase during the production process. This may It will cause the burnout of the host, so it needs to be solved in time. Second, when the humidity and viscosity of the material are too large, it will cause a blockage, which will also cause the current of the host to increase;

The article mainly introduces whether the nature of the material will cause the current of the ultrafine mill to change. The above is mainly introduced from the two aspects of the feeding speed and the nature of the material. Each point of analysis is very clear. The influence of the current is relatively clear, so we need to take precautions in accordance with these aspects when producing, so as to reduce the phenomenon of current changes in the ultrafine mill and ensure the smooth progress of production.

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