Effect of ultrafine grinding machine grinding disc clearance on production

Ultrafine grinding machine is mainly used to produce ultrafine powder equipment, the equipment in the production process will be affected by many factors, but either factor will make the equipment production efficiency and increase operating costs, so it is necessary to solve these problems, with the development of production technology, Many manufacturers take active measures to solve these problems.

Ultrafine grinding machine grinding plate in the production process if the gap adjustment is not suitable, then it will also affect the production, mainly the gap between the grinding plate is relatively small, the material in the process of entering the ultrafine grinding mill production until the end of production is easy to appear material in the equipment, thus affecting the grinding effect of the equipment, in addition to the grinding equipment, Materials after the extrusion, impact action, will make a part of the mechanical energy into heat energy, and the gap between the grinding plate is relatively small, so the temperature between the grinding plate will rise sharply, thus leading to high temperature and high humidity material nature of denature, affecting the quality of the product;

The above for ultrafine grinding mill grinding disc gap is small and the impact analysis of the material production is more detailed, mainly will cause the material aggregation affect the grinding effect and the nature of the product changes, for these cases only reasonable solution to this problem can meet the actual production needs, Generally in the solution of this problem when the use of two methods, one is through the role of negative pressure air flow on the one hand can transport materials, at the same time can play a cooling role, and the other is through the grinding plate structure design, so that the material easy to follow the grinding plate outward;

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