Trapezoid ultrafine mill common parts structure composition

The overall structure of the trapezoidal ultrafine mill consists of a host machine, a powder separator, a piping device, a fan and a dust collector. The ultrafine grinding powder production line requires the cooperation of other equipment. The production line configuration is mainly composed of auxiliary equipment such as jaw crusher, bucket elevator, silo, electromagnetic vibration feeder and electric control cabinet.

Transmission part

The transmission part of MTM medium speed trapezoidal ultrafine mill is a coupling. It is used for the connection of two shafts (in the drive shaft and the driven shaft) of different mechanisms, so that the common rotation transmission torque can be used normally. The MTW European version of the trapezoidal ultrafine mill uses a motor to drive the pulley to rotate, thereby driving the other two ends of the bevel gear bevel gear driver. Then, it drives the main shaft to rotate by driving the large gear rotor.

Host part

The main part is the key component of the trapezoid ultrafine grinding mill. It consists of more important parts to crush the material. It has a main shaft, grinding roller, the grinding ring, shovel blade, shovel blade chassis and so on.

The classification part

The blade material is carbon steel. It is the second of the main components of the classification department. Rotate the barrier to screen fine-grained material. The classifier has three tubes, and from the bottom to the bottom, they are used for: venting, oiling, and checking the oil level.

Powder collector part

The performance of the grinder on the cyclone powder collector plays a very important role. As the airflow of the powder enters the collector, it is rotating at a high speed. After the separation of the airflow and the powder, the shrinkage of the air wall is directed towards the bottom of the device (the natural length from the air to the time) to form the rotation of the gas cylinder and upward flow, then the powder droplets are collected and moved to the center.

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