GreenshootHR Partner of Emergenetics for the Benelux

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Emergenetics Europe Partners with GreenshootHRGreenshoot HR partner Emergenetics

Emergenetics Europe, an organizational consulting company specializing in workplace assessments, has partnered with GreenshootHR, certifying Mygell Isselt and John Megens, as trained Associates in the proprietary Emergenetics psychometric assessment and methodology.

As an Emergenetics-certified organization, GreenshootHR has access to a full slate of employee development tools all based on Emergenetics’ distinctive left-brain/right-brain thinking and behavioral approach. “We are thrilled that GreenshootHR will be an integral part of our network, as it is clear that their approach to advancing their workforce is in line with our own,” said Emergenetics Founder and CEO, Dr. Geil Browning.

Emergenetics Europe has stringent standards for Certification, ensuring that the small cadre of elite trainers throughout the world represents the highest quality information and value to individuals and client organizations. As part of this process, Certification is a continual process, including an intensive 3½-day training session, a 3-month ongoing support plan and continuing education throughout the Emergenetics/GreenshootHR partnership.

With a strong focus on employee learning and development, GreenshootHR and Emergenetics Europe are looking to expand the way individuals and departments look at themselves and others.

For more information on Emergenetics programs and HR tools contact GreenshootHR at

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