Introduction to the most advanced mobile crushing station

Comprehensive utilization of solid waste has stepped into the stage of rapid development and have a bright developmental prospect. The solid waste disposal and recycling program is the key aspect in future development.

In the aspect of circular economy, to replace the natural sand with recycled aggregate crushed from brick, stone or concrete in construction waste or to adopt new construction materials which is made of industrial waste and crop straw is an important way to solve the problems like high energy consumption, high pollution, high emission and low efficiency. It is also an evitable requirement to save field, save resources, realize sustainable development and protect environment.

The mobile crushing station produced by SBM Machinery is rather mature and advanced. Its handling capacity is within 30-2000t/h, and the largest feeding granularity can reach 500mm-2000mm. it has features like 1. Big production, high productivity and it can recover cost quickly. 2. Simple and mature production process and easy to operate. 3. Adopt lightweight material processor and washing equipment, and the recycled aggregate has a high purity. 4. It adopts the professional crusher for construction wastes. The recycled aggregate has a good shape.

The construction wastes have complex constituents like steel, wood chips, waste plastics, waste paper and living garbage, which needs to be processed by iron removing system, lightweight materials processor, washing equipment and dust collecting equipment one after another, and only by these processes can the recycled aggregate be produced.

In order to control dust emission effectively and reduce its influence on the surrounding environment, the construction waste disposal adopts a unique process. It reduces dust raising procedure as much as possible in production design and adopts the equipment whose dust emission is not much. In the transmission procedure, the mobile crushing station lowers the material fall and strengthens its closeness as much as possible to reduce dust escaping.

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