Reasons and troubleshooting of the blockage of sand making line

In these years, application of sand making production line is wider and wider. Even the sand making production line is broadly used, however, we believe there are still a lot of people who have little knowledge about sand making production line. Precisely because of this a little knowledge, people don’t know how to correctly choose sand making production line or solve the problems arose in using process of sand making production line. In fact, these problems are just small problems, which can be avoided as long as we pay more attention to.

Because the configuration of sand making production line is not the same. Hence, in the production process, the sand making production line occasionally appears difficulty in crushing materials or the materials cannot be crushed. If the sand making production line arises blockage problem, we should firstly stop the machine, and then eliminate the reasons one by one, thus finding corresponding solutions. The reasons are various, firstly, sand making production line may have design problems or improper operation of operators. In this case, we should clean air supply outlet, change the conveying equipment that doesn’t match and adjust feeding amount, thus making the sand making equipment operate normally. The sand making manufacturers should also employ skilled operators or carry out professional training to the operators.

Secondly, maybe the feeding speed is too fast, thus increasing load and causing blockage of sand making production line. Therefore, in feeding process, we should timely pay attention to angle of deflection of ammeter pointer, if it exceeds rated current, it shows that the motor is overloaded. Long-term load will burn out the motor. If this situation is arising, we should immediately reduce or close material door or change the way of feeding, thus controlling feeding amount by increasing the feeder. Actually, the sand making production line is a combination of an entire system. In this system, any equipment may cause the problems of sand making production line. So, we should strictly accord with operation requirements and pay attention to daily maintenance and upkeep in working process of sand making produciton line.

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