The analysis for the advantages of mobile crushing plant

When compared with the fixed stone crushing line, the frame of mobile crushing plant is fixed, which is not easy to change. If you need to add other crushing equipment and auxiliary equipment to the production process, the fixed crushing plant will have complicated operation. But the mobile crushing plant has compact structure and reasonable design, which reduces the transportation cost and the processing cost. The most obvious and important difference of the two plants is when the production line is established, mobile crushing plant is more flexible and convenient to move than the fixed crushing plant, which can move at any time according to the new crushing sites. The mobile crushing plant can walk on ordinary roads and rugged road, which can effectively overcome the inconvenient installation caused by geographic location. However, the fixed production line is decided according to the terrain and geographical distribution of the production line.

Mobile crushing plant adopts integrated feeder, crusher, belt machine, vibrating screen and electric control device, which can eliminate the installation of complex infrastructure and ancillary facilities for the separated components. The reasonable and compact layout of the crusher has optimized its facilities on site based space with the maximum limit, so as to expand the material stacking and working space. Because of its compact structure, if the equipment has some failure, it may appear trivial repair and complex space situations. Fixed crushing line will have more installation cost, so as to realize the complete assembly and connection, which also includes the field assembly of large equipment. If the equipment is abnormal, it can carry on maintenance and repair for a single device, there is no lack of space or other relevant problems to affect the operation of other equipment.

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