Crucial role of impact crusher in sand production line

SBM is a professional high-tech production enterprise engaged in mine and crushing equipment (ci5x impact crusher), sand making machine, industrial grinding equipment (ball mill) in Henan. Our company’s product has a feature of novel design, the high grinding rate, low energy consumption. At the same time, compared to similar products, our product has innovative idea, is the best equipment in metallurgical industry and various industries. We try to create a highest cost-effective supplier in mining equipment industry.

The crushing equipment commonly used has impact crusher, jaw crusher, fine machine, impact crusher, etc in the sand production line. Different equipment has different crushing effect for material, the performance advantages of impact crusher has many features in sand production line.

1. The big crushing ratio

2. Good product particles. In the impact, the broken material often fractures along the most vulnerable level with the aid of impact, this is called selective fragmentized method, and the shape of particles is mostly cube.

The new-type impact crusher produced by SBM can process ash of powdered coal, slag, and scoria, is used for cement, concrete, mortar blast furnace slag in titanium compound micro powder, especially as the active materials mixed with cement, concrete, the mortar compound micro powder. The impact crusher use a lot of wasted slag ash in blast furnace, adding water resources to produce glazed pottery, so it can reduce the costs, and product appearance quality and physical index is up to national standards. The good product quality can improve economic benefits of production enterprise and the market competition ability. It is most important to open a new path for management of ‘three wastes’.

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