Design of the equipment for the production line of ultrafine mill

In the ore grinding industry, in order to understand the design of the grinding production line, the user must first understand that to convert large pieces of ore into ultra-fine ore powder, ultrafine mill equipment is required to crush and grind the large ore. , And then get the mineral powder materials we need.

Ultrafine mill for ore grinding production also follows the above processing steps, and after understanding the processing steps in production, the following can be designed for its production line. The processing of ore powder must first go through the crushing link of ore, and we generally use an ultra-fine mill to crush the ore, usually using a crushing production line. This production line may have a jaw crusher and counterattack. Type crusher, cone crusher and other equipment and corresponding ore material transportation equipment, etc., the above equipment is installed in accordance with the two fixed installation order, and then input ore materials, can be used for ore crushing production.

The crushed stone obtained through the above steps will be transported to the milling production system. In our production of ultrafine grinding and milling, the transportation equipment mainly includes hoist, silo, vibrating feeder, etc., and the installation order of the above equipment is in the order described in the small compilation. After being transported by the above equipment, the ore material is transported to the inside of the main machine of the ultra-fine grinding mill, and the material after the main machine grinding is then driven by the exhaust fan installed in the production line, because the extraction opportunity is formed in the production line. Two negative pressure systems, the negative pressure system will press the ore powder to be pumped away, pass through the powder separator, and be collected by the powder collector. The material that has not been completely collected will then be collected by the dust collector installed in the back to avoid the leakage of mineral powder into the air and cause air pollution.

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