Effect of ore feeding size of quartz ultrafine mill on grinding fineness

The most important equipment in various beneficiation plants is quartz ultrafine mill, which is used for grinding lime, gypsum, sand, slag and other materials. Only after grinding and reaching the required fineness can the materials be fully mixed and interacted, and how to effectively improve the grinding fineness is one of the important links in the whole dressing operation, because the cost of the grinding operation is higher in the dressing plant Part of how to effectively and reasonably control the fineness of grinding is an important factor that directly reduces the cost of beneficiation and improves the economic efficiency of the beneficiation plant. Grinding fineness is one of many factors that affect the beneficiation index. The size of grinding fineness directly affects the grade of concentrate and the recovery rate of products.

The particle size of the quartz ultrafine grinding ore has a great influence on the productivity and energy consumption of the ultrafine grinding. Under the specified grinding fineness, the finer the particle size of the ore and the higher the production capacity of the ultrafine grinding, the lower the energy consumption of processing unit ore. However, in the beneficiation plant, the ore feeding of the grinding operation is the final product of the grinding operation. Reducing the particle size of the ultrafine grinding ore means that the grinding operation needs to produce a finer product, which is bound to increase the total grinding of the grinding operation. The ratio becomes more complicated and the cost increases. Conversely, if the grinding size is increased, the cost of crushing ore is low, but the cost of grinding is increased. Therefore, when determining the particle size of the ultrafine grinding ore, comprehensive consideration should be given to the total cost of crushing and grinding.

Usually, when determining the suitable particle size for quartz ultrafine mill, the main consideration is the size of the concentrator, as well as the equipment performance and type of grinding process used in the grinding operation. Due to the small crushing energy consumption and high grinding energy consumption in the conventional crushing and grinding process, and the efficiency of crushing ore is higher than that of grinding, the production of quartz ultrafine mill should be provided as fine as possible under conditions permitting production Grinding materials, give full play to the role of grinding operations to improve the processing capacity of quartz ultrafine mill, this is the so-called “more crushing less grinding”.

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