The difference between different processes of cotton towels

There are many weaving processes for pure cotton towels, including plain weaving, jacquard, satin, satin jacquard, cut pile, etc. Today, what are the common processes for pure cotton hotel towels?

  1. Pure cotton towel-plain weave towel
    Literally, plain weaving means that the cloth surface of the China embroidered organic bath towel does not have any patterns or logos. If you want to make the hotel’s store name or logo on the plain weave towel, you can only embroider or print the towel. The advantage of the flat weave towel is that The goods are fast, the production cycle is short, and the price is relatively cheap. If it is urgently needed, plain weave currency is the ideal choice.
  2. Pure cotton towel-jacquard towel
    The hotel towel jacquard towel is made through computer digital programming during the cotton 400gsm printing hooded childrens bath towel weaving process, and the required patterns, text or logo are woven on the towel. The jacquard part has a sense of unevenness and is more classy! This kind of jacquard is more practical for higher-end hotels, saunas and clubs. There is another jacquard process called “yarn-dyed jacquard”, that is, the logo or pattern on the towel can be distinguished by different colors, and the colors are clear and vivid. The jacquard part has no unevenness, but the color of the front and back of the towel is exactly the opposite. This kind of process generally requires a large number and is more suitable for high-end gifts.
  3. Pure cotton towel-satin towel
    The hotel towel satin file is to weave a horizontal strip of satin pattern at the two ends of the soft and comfortable microfiber bamboo bath towel quotation close to the loop part of the plain cloth, or weave a wider satin edge at one end. We generally call it “platinum satin”. “The fluffing part can be formed by the warp and floating long threads, and can also be formed by the weft and floating long threads. Clear patterns and logos can be embroidered on the cross-section. This craft is more suitable for star hotels or high-end gifts.
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