Bijzonder Uit Eten lanceert nieuwe website

Bijzonder Uit Eten lanceert nieuwe website. Juist in coronatijd – Bijzonder Uit Eten! Bijzonder Uit Eten, de restaurantgids gericht op unieke en bijzondere culinaire ervaringen, lanceert een volledig nieuwe website. Bijzonder aanbod Juist nu in deze coronatijd gaan mensen minder naar het buitenland en zoeken in Nederland naar een bijzondere high tea, diner op hoogte, […]

Style Group introduceert textielproducten voor de bestrijding van het coronavirus in hotels, kantoren en woningen

Style Group introduceert twee zeer innovatieve producten voor de strijd tegen het coronavirus. Het Britse bedrijf dat materialen en stoffen vervaardigt voor de woning-, bedrijfs- en hotelsector, komt met twee textielproducten met een antivirale werking: Antiviraltex en Aircleantex.

Spectralink lanceert Virtual IP-DECT Server OneSpectralink lanceert Virtual IP-DECT Server One

Een schaalbare software-only mobiliteitsoplossing voor grote bedrijven (Horsens, DK) – 18 mei 2020 – Spectralink, wereldwijd leider op het gebied van zakelijke mobiele oplossingen, lanceert vandaag zijn unieke software-only IP DECT-server, de Virtual IP-DECT Server One (VIP-DECT Server One). Deze nieuwe oplossing is ontwikkeld om grote bedrijven met meerdere vestigingen te helpen hun DECT-mobiliteitsoplossingen efficiënter […]

Material selection and application of ultrafine mill

Mineral powder ultrafine mill is suitable for grinding various ores and other materials. It is widely used in mineral processing, building materials and chemical industries. It can be divided into dry and wet grinding methods. According to the different discharge methods, it can be divided into grid type and overflow type. In different industries, the […]

SBM c6x jaw crusher is competitive in the industry

SBM., as the largest professional crushing machine manufacturer, recently it has a hot topic – the European version jaw crusher. it is undisputed the most favored jaw crusher in Shanghai. Why it is so popular? SBM C6X European version of the jaw crusher is competitive in crushing machine industry.SBM C6X Jaw Crusher is designed for […]

Gold ore processing production line price for egypt

Gold ore crusher production line consists of feeding machine, crushing equipment, screening machine, belt conveyor, and concentrated electric control and so on. The cone crusher is usually divided into two or three crushing stages, if you have higher requirement on the final gold production size, the tertiary crushing equipment is necessary. Gold mining machine has […]

Trapezoid ultrafine mill common parts structure composition

The overall structure of the trapezoidal ultrafine mill consists of a host machine, a powder separator, a piping device, a fan and a dust collector. The ultrafine grinding powder production line requires the cooperation of other equipment. The production line configuration is mainly composed of auxiliary equipment such as jaw crusher, bucket elevator, silo, electromagnetic […]

Reasons for the violent vibration phenomenon in the production of raymond mill

Raymond grinding will vibrate for two reasons in the production of grinding powder. The vibration of raymond mill may cause damage to some parts of the machine, causing work and economic losses, so users need to understand the reasons for vibration and take corresponding measures. Measures to avoid the occurrence of vibration. The raymond grinding […]

Analysis of importance of closed circuit grinding for ultrafine grinding

At present, ultrafine grinding is basically a closed-circuit grinding method. The design of a reasonable closed-circuit grinding process can greatly improve the working efficiency of the equipment and reduce energy consumption. This paper analyzes the important role of ultrafine mill in closed-circuit grinding.Closed-circuit grinding refers to the grinding operation process that uses classification equipment and […]

Effect of ore feeding size of quartz ultrafine mill on grinding fineness

The most important equipment in various beneficiation plants is quartz ultrafine mill, which is used for grinding lime, gypsum, sand, slag and other materials. Only after grinding and reaching the required fineness can the materials be fully mixed and interacted, and how to effectively improve the grinding fineness is one of the important links in […]

Design of the equipment for the production line of ultrafine mill

In the ore grinding industry, in order to understand the design of the grinding production line, the user must first understand that to convert large pieces of ore into ultra-fine ore powder, ultrafine mill equipment is required to crush and grind the large ore. , And then get the mineral powder materials we need. Ultrafine […]

Crucial role of impact crusher in sand production line

SBM is a professional high-tech production enterprise engaged in mine and crushing equipment (ci5x impact crusher), sand making machine, industrial grinding equipment (ball mill) in Henan. Our company’s product has a feature of novel design, the high grinding rate, low energy consumption. At the same time, compared to similar products, our product has innovative idea, […]

How to go through the formalities of the quarry of grinding mill

The production of grinding mill powder requires ore as a raw material, but to mine ore, there must be a quarry procedure, otherwise, the ore cannot be mined, but the quarry procedure requires a certain process. Here we introduce the mining What are the procedures required by the quarry, and what are the procedures for […]

Necessity of quality control of machine sand production line

The construction scale of Henan expressway and local highway ranks first in the country, and the development speed is very fast. The annual mileage of traffic ranks first in the country, which is equivalent to the total of twenty years of provinces with medium mileage of highways. The current mileage of traffic ranks first in […]

What is the price of the construction waste crusher?

Construction waste refers to the construction, construction units or individuals for all kinds of constructions, structures, pipe networks, etc. for the construction, laying or demolition, repair process generated by slag, waste, waste, silt and other waste. With the acceleration of industrialization and urbanization, the construction industry is also developing rapidly at the same time, with […]