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Features and Application of Dimple Drainage Board

Tweet Dimple drainage board can quickly and effectively export the rainwater, greatly reduce or maybe eliminate the static water pressure of the waterproofing layer, through this principle of active water conduction are able to do the effect of active waterproofing. Waterproof performance: Polyethylene (HDPE) China dimple drainage board suppliers price material itself may be a […]

Features And Application Of Bentonite Geosynthetic Clay Liner

Tweet The mineralogical name of bentonite is montmorillonite. Natural bentonite is often divided into sodium-based and calcium-based consistent with its chemical composition. Bentonite has the characteristics of water swelling. Generally, when calcium-based bentonite expands, its expansion is merely about 3 times its own volume. The sodium-based bentonite is locked within the middle of two layers […]

What are the advantages of cotton towels?

Tweet Advantages of cotton: hygroscopicity The advantage of cotton fabrics is that the cotton fibers contained in them have good hygroscopicity. Generally, they can absorb moisture into the surrounding atmosphere. Its moisture content is 8-10%, which guarantees our cotton. Towels make people feel soft and comfortable when they touch the skin without that dry stiffness. […]

Dimple Drainage Board Knowledge

Tweet Plastic drainage board is formed of polyethylene (HDPE) plastic plate after stamping into a conical process table, it can resist long-term high, won’t produce deformation of drainage materials. it’s 3 meters in breadth and 10 to 30 meters long. The drainboard is often used as a composite filter geotextile to make sure that the […]

What’s HDPE?

Tweet HDPE (High Density Polyethylene, mentioned as “HDPE”) is additionally called the low-pressure Polyethylene, maybe a quite High crystallinity, nonpolar surfaces appear a particular degree of translucent. PE has excellent resistance to most domestic and industrial chemicals. HDPE may be a quite high crystallinity, non – polar thermoplastic. High-density polyethylene (hdpe) may be a quite […]

Installation Guide Of Geonet

Tweet Tai’an Taidong Engineering Materials Co., Ltd. have some professional advice on the installation process of geonet. During the development , alittle bamboo pole or alittle wooden stick are often wont to Pierce the entire coil of mesh pad and pull out the mesh pad at an equivalent time. Bamboo nails, wooden nails or plastic […]

Installation Guide Of Geogrid

Tweet Tai’an Taidong Engineering Materials Co., Ltd. give some professional advice on the installation process of geogrid. Mechanical Laying Install the whole roll of geogrid on the rewinding frame in front of the tractor. Move the tractor forward to make sure the polyester geogrid factory price is sticking straight to the road surfaces. Use the […]

Wave Galvanized Corrugated Steel

Tweet This product is called wave type galvanized corrugated steel sheet, and is the most popular galvanized corrugated steel type in our corrugated products. This wave type galvanized corrugated low price color corrugated steel sheet is the most demanding in Africa, with an order quantity of 8,000 tons in 2018. Wave type galvanized corrugated high […]

Function And Characteristics Of Geotextile

Tweet Function Of Geotextile For reinforcement in backfilling of the wall , or for anchoring the faceplate of the wall . To construct a wraparound wall or abutment. Strengthen the flexible pavement and repair the cracks on the road to stop reflection cracks on the paved surface. Increase the steadiness of gravel slope and reinforced […]

Notes Of Geotextile Construction

Tweet Geotextile can only be cut with filament nonwoven geotextile for sale knives (hook knives). If cut within the site, special protective measures should be taken for other materials to stop unnecessary damage caused by cutting geotextile. While laying polypropylene nonwoven geotextile, all necessary measures must be taken to stop damage to the underlying material. […]